Woodland Mountain Pastures

Woodland Mountain Pastures offers wide open space, good spring grazing and fall hunting for mule deer, elk, occasional antelope, black bear, coyote, quail, partridge, and some upland bird. In addition, one may be able to spot a wolf, cougar, badger and other wild animals on or near the ranch property. There is good water for both domestic livestock and wildlife year-round with two of three ponds holding water yearlong. Owner reports that the grass will feed 200± head for 2.5 months (500± aums). Cattle/livestock are trailed through a neighbor’s land, which is common in this country, but a permanent access easement will need to be established, if a buyer so desired. There also may be the possibility of adding more ground as a couple neighbors have expressed interest in selling. “Put your money in land, because they aren’t making any more of it.” Will Rogers, 1930


Woodland Mountain Pastures Brochure