Fairchild Farm on the Weiser River

Very Productive Farm in Midvale, Idaho

The 775.94-acre Fairchild Farm is a very productive and beautiful farm in a picturesque setting with one mile of the Weiser River. Comes complete with turn-key irrigation equipment, including turbine pump and underground mainline. About a quarter-hour to either Weiser or Cambridge, it is easily accessible, yet private and remote enough for those longing for a simpler lifestyle. And with its Weiser River frontage and tons and tons of alfalfa production, it offers value for an agricultural oriented family to pass along a legacy.

  • 775.94 acres
  • 524 irrigated crop acres
  • Five (5) elk depredation tags per year
  • One home with outbuildings, plus 5 center pivots and 11 wheel lines


Fairchild Farm Brochure